Maciej Borsa  

Maciej Borsa
ul. Rybacka 2/3
40-763 Katowice - POLAND
tel. 48/ 32 252 30 41
fax: 48/ 32 252 30 41
mobile: 48/ 692 385 364
Professionally connected with regional policy, strategic planning and the spatial planning. Doctor of technical sciences. Coordinator and the co-author of many Polish and international projects concerning the spatial and regional development, especially concerning European integration processes. Author of many articles, elaborations, manuals. Through many years working in the structures of the Polish government on controlling positions and on universities.

Author (or co-author) of 'The Long-term Strategy for Regional Development of Poland', 'The Report on the State of Spatial Development in Poland', 'The Polish-Czech Strategy of the Borderland Development', 'Vision Planet' - (spatial strategy for the Central and Eastern Europe), 'The Polish-Ukrainian strategy of the interregional cooperation', 'The Integrated Coastal Zone Management Report of Poland', 'VASICA - Visions and Strategies in the Carpathian Area' and other official projects of the regional and local scale. Polish coordinator in the EC Initiative Interreg II C. Polish representative in the formal discussion over the 'European Spatial Development Perspective' - (ESDP) and the editing team member of the 'Territorial State and Perspectives of the European Union' (the background document of the 'Territorial Agenda of the EU'). The governmental negotiator in regional contracts with regions of Upper Silesia and Opole. Initiator of various transnational projects, particular 'European Urban Knowledge Network' (Polish Focal Point), 'Carpathian Project' (implementation of the Carpathian Convention, ratified by 7 states of Eastern Europe). Member of the working teams in the Baltic, Central European and South Eastern European areas. Author of the educational TV series about the values of space and spatial development. Representative of Poland in the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) of the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Spatial/Regional Planning. Consultant for United Nations Environmental Programme and United Nations Human Settlements Programme UN-HABITAT. For many years the director of the departments responsible for spatial planning and regional development in the Government of Poland, advisor of ministers responsible for spatial planning and housing in the Government of Poland. Now independent consultant and researcher, lecturer of Universities (Warsaw School of Economics), chairman of the Society of Polish Town Planners - Branch Katowice.

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